Home Improvement Spendings Are Just Massive

Real estate is on a boom this 2015. According to a research, more and more homeowners are putting their money into home improvements which is a good thing when you are in the home improvement business. Billions of dollars are spent in this industry in the past year. It seems that real estate related businesses are far from being on a knife edge in the years to come. 2015 is said to be a promising year for property flippers, real estate agents and interior decorators. For homeowners, it is also best to do some home improvements to your property. A quick advice though, going DIY will save you big bucks as building and construction materials are expected to increase in prices.

Video source link: https://www.youtube.com/b40TdwQtGpw

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Teens Really Struggle To Survive – Crazy Story!

While exports is at its height, crimes and other incidents related to gaming has also increased in occurrence. Not only once did we see on TV gamers falling to their deaths after 72 hours of non-stop gaming without eating and sleep. It has also created conflicts between gaming clans and groups which have resulted to bullying, riots, and even deaths of some gamers, mostly children and teens. If not inflicted by an enemy gamer, some kids get into all sorts of trouble just like what happened in Japan. A teenager was stabbed with a kitchen knife by an adult neighbor for failing “to keep it down” at 2:00 AM while enjoying a computer game with a friend. The kid only suffered a minor injury and is already recovering.

Video source: https://www.youtube.com/fqAts2FSw8g

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